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Bromine Vs Chlorine

Bromine and chlorine are both sanitizers. Their function in the hot tub water is to kill bacteria and break down organic debris. Too much of these sanitizers can make the spa water uncomfortable for bathers and too little sanitizer can allow bacteria to grow and become stronger and potentially harmful.

Alternative Sanitizers

There are other forms of sanitizers such as bleach, peroxide and oxygen as well as other forms of bacterial control however chlorine and bromine are the most common by far. Most hot tub warranties support only chlorine or bromine as sanitizer options with most alternative forms of water sanitization potentially voiding warranties.

Hot Tub Water Can Be Dangerous

It is possible for unmanaged hot tub water to become dangerous enough to be lethal should a particular type of bacteria develop as a result of extended periods of lack of sanitizer. For this reason great care must be taken when attempting to use alternative or unconventional sanitizers in your hot tub. It is strongly recommended to use one of the only two approved chemical sanitizers chlorine and bromine

What is Bromine?

Bromine is essentially a 28% chlorine concentration so in actuality both are basically chlorine. The best way to determine the difference as it relates to you would be to consider bromine to be more user friendly than chlorine.

If the pH and total alkalinity in your hot tub were to go too far outside the normal range, chlorine experiences such an efficiency loss as to be rendered ineffective at killing bacteria. In the same environment bromine would also experience an efficiency loss however it would still remain active enough to kill bacteria. For this reason most hot tub owners use bromine.

Why Would You Use Chlorine In A Spa?

On the flip side of the chlorine versus bromine equation is the fact that if you were to compare two hot tubs side by side, where both are perfectly balanced, the chlorine tub will look better than the bromine tub. For this reason if you feel you have a good understanding of hot tub maintenance and water balancing then chlorine may be a good choice.

If you are unsure of which would be better for you, or your ability to properly manage your how spas water chemistry then you almost certainly want to use bromine. Be sure to read the section on oxidizers before making the decision as to which sanitizer is the one you want to use in your hot tub.

Now you can learn how to balance the pH, total alkalinity and calcium hardness chemical balance in your hot tub.

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